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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spiritual Education

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul."

In the past educators all over the world have placed tremendous stress on the intellectual & physical development of students. The result is that we have become human beings who are physically and intellectually superior. The amount of knowledge that we are gaining today is doubling at a much faster rate than it did previously. So we find that we have become very materialistic in our approach towsrds life.

To bring about the right kind of balance in the life today our educators need to lay equal emphasis on spiritual aspect of education.

Spirituality deals with developing the higher values of life and becoming a complete person. Spirituality means inculcating love in our heart irrespective of skin color, religion, or nationality.

It is important that spiritual and ethic values are taught properly in the school along with their syllabus. In our school, our teachers had taken a small but strong step to achieve this by introducing students to the process of meditators. Through meditators we not only develop the higher human values but we also realise our true selves and gain knowledge about our spiritual side.

So the true education is the one which develops all the three spheres of human personality i.e. physical, intellectual & spiritual. This will help our students to develop into a complete individual individual, who will always make good decisions that will benefit the entire humanity.


  1. Vry well said. Like ur topic. Keep on writing. I love 2 read ur blog. :-) @ud_1430

  2. gud thinking about both, one hav to balance between them