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Friday, April 22, 2011

The world seems to smile with me

You know what i feel , the world seems to be smiling with me when i am happy.The colours  around me look brighter. Folks passing nearby seem to have just arrived from heaven.

It does happen..when we are happy , we do not even need to think about spreading joy and happiness,it becomes a natural flow.

Miracles do happen in our lives daily,all we need to do is notice them.

How can the whole world look such a beautiful place to live in , just cause my heart is smiling..

It isn't that tough a job to make oneself happy and making ourselves happy means we are making the world around us happier.

Such is the grandeur of love , joy ,happiness and bliss..It keeps multiplying...It keeps growing...

  "Smile and the world will smile with you :)" - Geetanjali Juneja

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