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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lost In Your World Of Love

The first time I saw you, you invaded my heart.
Your eyes made me lost in you!
Your essence made to forget me the essence of rose,

Your charming voice made me addicted to you !
When you are not around, it feels like
Sun has no light, moon is black.
When you are around, it feels,
Time has ultra supersonic speed.
One hour is like a minute!

Your smile makes me fall in your love with you even more.
When we behave like strangers,
It feels like I am getting crushed by a road-roller.
When you touch, I feel like I am in heaven.

Your feather soft touch makes me feel like I am holding a flower,
Getting addicted to girl, you making me addicted to you! 
You are my drug .. and it feels too good to get addicted to you!
You are the air I breathe, you are the life that I live.
You are my whole world ..
You are the music on which my heart beats.
You are my heart's soul.
Me without you is lifeless!
You were in my destiny that is why we met by chance.
Never leave me girl as I am lifeless without you.
You are like a fire burning in my mind.
You are my everything that I have always wanted in my life!
 I keep thinking about you 24*7.
 I love you sugar-beer, I love u too much baby ♥ ♥

P.S. : This was sent to me by someone, so thought to share it with you all! Love the simplicity of the language.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pampered by Panteen & Indiblogger!

"Pantene & IndiBlogger bring you an afternoon of fun, relaxation and blogging!
Let your hair down and kick your feet up at the Pantene Nature Fusion IndiBlogger meet. Come over and celebrate the fusion of Nature & Science with us. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this one. "

Pantene organised a blogger meet in association with IndiBlogger on 14th October at ITC Sheraton. I was confused whether to attend the meet or not as I just had one day off from my office. And after attending the meet, I was happy that I went. It was one of the best blogger meets I’ve attended until date, and the very first Indiblogger one. :)

                                             ITC Sheraton (Pic Courtesy: Google Images)

I was gobsmacked as I entered the ITC Sheraton . As I entered the lobby, the first thing that stucked my mind was the amazing interiors full of fragrance of flowers and then was guided by the soft spoken staff of the hotel.

                                                The Lobby (Pic Courtesy: Google Images)

 As usual I was lost in my own world and full of excitement, I entered the Ballroom and realised I was not so late, but there were few women already present there. I registered myself and got a paper with number '37' which was my number for my hair spa. It was a pleasant surprise (thank you team for this wonderful surprise). Believe me since we all bloggers entered, the whole meet was full of surprises. I could not stop myself gazing at the graffiti wall filled with the spray paints.

                                                  Graffiti Wall (Pic Courtesy: Priti Singh)

As we settled down, the meet started with one of the surprising activity (told you the whole meet was full of surprises), there was a balloon under our chairs and toothpicks on the table. We had to save our balloon and prick others balloon. It was so much fun I tell you. My balloon got pricked in the starting itself but I got the prize for pricking most of the balloons. It was very much interesting!

                                Women in action during the game (Pic Courtesy: Priti Singh)

                                             My gift which I won during the balloon game

As soon as we finished this game, we were divided in to a team of 8 members and had to wrap one of the member as MUMMY. We just had 5mins. to wrap them. Our team's Mummy was wrapped bit shabbily but my tweet saved Atula (the Mummy) from being eliminated. :)

                                               That's Me, Atula (the mummy) and Eshna

Blogger introductions was something I was looking forward to. Getting to know other women and the stuff they write about was the best part. Right from women who wrote on life, relationships, cookery, traveling to women who wrote on technology, game designing, mom blogs and even art! It was so delightful knowing my fellow bloggers! It was such a pleasure meeting all of them Eshna, Medha, Vandana, Kiran, Priya, Priti, Anukriti, Anisha and it goes on. Special thanks to Priti for the wonderful pics you had send. Appreciate your efforts.

                         That's Eshna, Priya, Me and Medha (L-R) (Pic Courtesy: Priti Singh)

                                         Me with Eshna and Priti (Pic Courtesy: Priti Singh)

And then it was our turn to have our lunch. Trust me the food was so yummilicious and tempting

                                         The tempting food (Pic Courtesy: Priti Singh)

Just after our lunch a short talk was followed by Lais Koelle explaining the fusion of nature and science. It was again followed by a surprise. A box was kept under the table which had a shampoo and a conditioner. There was a Ques & Ans session with her in which she gave remedies for hairfall, dandruff, breakage, etc. And Pantene is for oily hairs hairs too. So all you girls who have oily hairs like me, get ready for using the best oil free shampoo ever with a fusion of nature and science.:) 

                                                   Lais Koelle (love her hairs!)

And then comes next Yashodhara Lal, the author of Just Married, Please Excuse'. She motivated us to write as much as we can by taking out time from our busy lives. And she has a contest going on for all the inspiring writers to get published by sharing your story.

                                              Yashodhara Lal during the talk session

Now after the talk sessions, we had last but not the least Flower Arranging Competition with a unique element which was provided in the bag given to us. Unfortunately, I had to leave this in the middle as it was my turn for the hairspa (for which I was early waiting :p). I didn't want to leave this wonderful competition but it's ok as I could not compromise with my hairs :p. 

Don't have words to tell you about my hair spa. Aaaaah, simply amazing! And extremely relaxing! Was pampered so well. A blow-dry and styling followed.  The shampoo had such an amazing fragrance and was absolutely wonderful! Made my hair super smooth and super silky! You know that feeling when you touch your hair and you feel like doing it over and over and over again? That’s what I’m talking about! THANK YOU Pantene for such wonderful hairs. And really at first instance I could not believe that they were my hairs.:)

By the time my hair spa got over, I just came to know about our team flower arrangement. Here it is, have a look :

                                                             Bouquet with No.8

And here comes the end of the blogger meet. But no, we had a surprise here too!! We were given gift hampers from Pantene and a shirt from IndiBlogger with their slogan on it :).

                                                   The wonderful hamper by Pantene!

                                                            Shirt by IndiBlogger!

                                                      That's me near the tweet section ;)

This was one event I’ll never be able to forget! A Sunday well-spent, after ages! Thanks IndiBlogger & Pantene for their hard efforts for organising such a successful meet.
This blogger meet also gave me the chance to bond with my fellow bloggers. Eagerly waiting for the next meet to happen now. Thank you again for the meet and awestruck surprises. :)

Here are few pics which my friend Priti took it while departing!

                                                           With my fellow bloggers!

                                                Me and Medha posing for the shutterbugs!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Standing at a corner of the world, I witness the flashes of past memories and the only question that arises in my mind is about how everything completely changed it self. I'm at the same place where I stood last year but with new people and different circumstances. The reality of  life is that no matter how much I try to deny the fact, nothing remains the same with the passage of time. Time is what rules our life and its totally inevitable. Its like I was dreaming for the whole time, when awoke, the harsh reality took over cause the time had already played its game. Its hard to believe how life changed me and my priorities, and I got so involved into it that I don't even have time for those who once ruled my life. 



Now, I've realized the importance of my past once it turned into a memory. Frankly, we humans are very insatiable and we're never satisfied with what ever is going on. But once, that phase of life is over, and you look back at it, past seems to be everything I've ever wanted. Everything has changed. Those close ones are like strangers now because someone else took their place, but there are no regrets because that's how it is. At the end of the day, you just stand in the corner, and stare at the whole new world full of memories from the past and there's nothing you can do about it.  


"As we turn the pages of time, we discover hidden mysteries and triumphs in each new chapter. -- Flavia" 


Do you even gamble with the memories like I do ?


Best regards,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A day off with some colorful imagination !!

It's a Wednesday and a day off for me! I wanted to act all celebrity like and spend it the way they do. Grand breakfast, grander lunch, meet imaginary people, watch a couple of movies and spend the evening sitting by the balcony, giggling away to glory with my girlfriends before finally going to bed early.

My foot. I am no celebrity. I live in a city where Wednesdays are a pain. Because? I get holiday in the middle of the week and thursdays and fridays aren't half as awesome.

The only thing I could afford to do of all them above things was, to watch a decent movie.

I downloaded this movie thrice because it kept boowoo-ing me in the face. My internet felt raped, certainly, but it's very okay. I finally did manage to watch English Vinglish. And, I have nothing to say. I can only sit back and smile :) Watched it? No? Die. Yes? I like you.
My workplace is cool :] Colourful, ancient and talkative!

It's October. And I can feel myself getting all senti already about the year almost coming to an end. Mostly because the year has been a little too much to handle :'] but at the same time I'v met / come across the most awesome people, awesome things have happened to me, I'v spoken my mind out to myself about the bestest things ever, I'v watched the most amazing movies ever, and, my I feel lucky, mostly because my internet has been kind in allowing me to rape it every month by downloading so much. True story.

Simple uncomplicated life.

(Kindly ignore the fact that academically I have grown lazier over the year. That's only between you and me and nobody else.)

Best regards,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back to my world !! YAY !!

Hello! I'M GOING TO BLOG MORE OFTEN, GUYS! Eh, why do I see frustrated faces?  Yes I remember I have a blog. I am blogging after a year (YES YOU READ RIGHT.. A YEAR!!). Sorry guys have been so much busy with my stuff and all so finally thought to blog today.You guys must jump around the room 'cause yes, I am going to blog more often. :D

Okay, dont jump around. =(

The only problem being, I am having a bit of a straightface phase and therefore might, I repeat, might sound a tad bit too. Long social theory behind it. Sigh.

I am slowly slipping into the no-contact zone. :) Last time I did that, it was merely out of sheer boredom. This time, it's out of fedup-dom. I need to vent it out somewhere, and hence I figured I had to had to blog more often.

Anyway. I'm giving myself a month. I am as puzzled in my head as I sound. I can't think clearly and steadily. I need a brain-wash. You know, like a car-wash? I need to shove a to-do list into my face. I need to sleep and wake up happy. I need to get done with my french classes and probably not meet people for a bit. I have a feeling days are going to be tough.

So, see you guys around more often than more often? :)

I hate to foresee. I hate to foresee horrible things.I like it black or I like white. As long as I am not in the grey area, I like it all.

Best regards,