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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lost In Your World Of Love

The first time I saw you, you invaded my heart.
Your eyes made me lost in you!
Your essence made to forget me the essence of rose,

Your charming voice made me addicted to you !
When you are not around, it feels like
Sun has no light, moon is black.
When you are around, it feels,
Time has ultra supersonic speed.
One hour is like a minute!

Your smile makes me fall in your love with you even more.
When we behave like strangers,
It feels like I am getting crushed by a road-roller.
When you touch, I feel like I am in heaven.

Your feather soft touch makes me feel like I am holding a flower,
Getting addicted to girl, you making me addicted to you! 
You are my drug .. and it feels too good to get addicted to you!
You are the air I breathe, you are the life that I live.
You are my whole world ..
You are the music on which my heart beats.
You are my heart's soul.
Me without you is lifeless!
You were in my destiny that is why we met by chance.
Never leave me girl as I am lifeless without you.
You are like a fire burning in my mind.
You are my everything that I have always wanted in my life!
 I keep thinking about you 24*7.
 I love you sugar-beer, I love u too much baby ♥ ♥

P.S. : This was sent to me by someone, so thought to share it with you all! Love the simplicity of the language.


  1. Exactly d same thing i wanted to say that you said in the post script..Love d simplicity of the language :)

  2. Loved it soo very mch..!! every word means a lot... <3

  3. Geetu Nice :) you got a Glint,shimmering mind :)

    Worth it :)

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