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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Life I'm Living Now :)

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts"

Shakespeare said that...let’s see how it applies in the normal college life...

A normal day in the normal college :p I am in the class, as usual not paying attention and lost in my own world of thoughts and words in a corner scribbling away to glory and half heartedly listening to what our guest faculty has to say.
Someone is playing with her pen, the tic-tac echoing around. There are people playing with their hair, some reading a book, a murmur of silence surrounds the whole classroom.
The backbenchers are as usual sitting behind. Discussing some things (I leave the topic of discussion for the readers to guess, but mind it, it was nowhere near boring). A giggle here, a giggle there, fills the whole back of the classroom.
The geeks a.k.a speckyees (now replaced by lenses) are sitting in front glued to every word he utters, noting down every syllable, every sigh, every a, an ,the, mentioned. The sleepers of the class a.k.a getting –bored-not-interested- are yawning and already half asleep, fighting to keep their eyes open and half of them perched on their neighbour’s shoulders. Suddenly they slip down the shoulder and realise that they are ain class and thus the lost fight to not sleep begins again.
Then there are the second or the third benchers, mediocre writing at times and at times looking bored, basically they are just confused wondering whether to be the geek or the outrageous back bencher. These are also known as the average normal kids. Then there are the male starved females (couldn’t find a better term) , who for today are next to the front benchers, batting their eyelashes , a half smile on their faces, pretending to be glued to every word said, lips tucked behind their teeth , they kind of swooning , as if every word he’s saying is the elixir of life.
Then the usual wannabees, fashionistas, jocks, nerds, all who need no introduction. Then the lovers without whom every class is incomplete. Who may be not sitting very close, are exchanging glances and smiles whose meaning only they know. Exchanging whispers, stares and smiles, oblivious to anything happening, around, just existing for each other. As cheesy as it sounds. It’s completely true.
A joke suddenly cracked bonding the whole class, while it lasts, every one listening to the same thing for a while, forgetting their roles in the class and being just a simple student for once. Well that it.
A subtotal of everyone present.
And then last but not the least “me”. What am I? In which category do I fall into? What am I doing here not concentrating on the lecture and observing the around and writing. Well you could say just a simple crazy foolish intelligent WORDISTA... 

Best regards,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Celebration !!

Some days I'm surprised,
I'm amazed,
When this life,
Shows its beautiful face..

When the raindrops pour down,
And birds sing all around.
Nothing really matters then,
Nothing really puts me down.

Trees appear greener,
Birds fly high in the sky.
It's all a big celebration,
And no one is asking "Why?"

Celebration of the moment,
Celebration of a life,
It's very beautiful,
And we've forgotten, Why?

So enjoy this beauty,
Let it cave over you.
Life is beautiful,
A glimpse it will give you.

Some days I'm surprised,
I'm amazed,
When this life,
Shows its beautiful face...
Best regards,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Smiling "FoReVeR"

Smiling Forever !!!
It's now I realised the heavy words " If you think you can , you can.If you think you can't,you can't"

I am going through this wonderful book by Rhonda Byrne " The Secret " which claims to change our lives.Life has all of a sudden become so easy..All I need to get anything in this Universe is "Think".
The Universe which works like a Genie for us.It says "Your wish is my Command".

So,when I hold on to negative thoughts , the universe conspires to bring all negative circumstances,negative incidents and events in my life.

All we need to do is Imagine ourselves enjoying the things we really desire in our lives !!! Be Grateful towards God for all that you have received than ever complaining about things you do not have.

Its a secret being carried forward since ages.All religious books and Great Legends have tried to explain us this phenomena.

It really works !!! I have tried it myself !!!

God have sent us all to do only what we want to do.There is no blackboard where he wrote "Geetanjali Juneja would be Blogging "It is me who thought and it became a Reality.

Its amazing to feel yourself like a Magnet which attracts what you think about the most...You can have anything in this world,All you need to do is Be what you want to be.Visualise ,Create pictures in your mind and the Universe would bring it back to you as you Future pictures.

If you can feel the Positivity in my words,Just go grasp a copy of "The Secrets "or "The monk who sold his Ferrari".

Feel yourself the Creator of you future...Just draw beautiful pictures in your life and see them as Reality.

Let Universe decide HOW ,all you got to do is Think..Think...and Think.....

Best regards,

Friday, April 22, 2011

The world seems to smile with me

You know what i feel , the world seems to be smiling with me when i am happy.The colours  around me look brighter. Folks passing nearby seem to have just arrived from heaven.

It does happen..when we are happy , we do not even need to think about spreading joy and happiness,it becomes a natural flow.

Miracles do happen in our lives daily,all we need to do is notice them.

How can the whole world look such a beautiful place to live in , just cause my heart is smiling..

It isn't that tough a job to make oneself happy and making ourselves happy means we are making the world around us happier.

Such is the grandeur of love , joy ,happiness and bliss..It keeps multiplying...It keeps growing...

  "Smile and the world will smile with you :)" - Geetanjali Juneja

Best regards,