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Friday, April 22, 2011

The world seems to smile with me

You know what i feel , the world seems to be smiling with me when i am happy.The colours  around me look brighter. Folks passing nearby seem to have just arrived from heaven.

It does happen..when we are happy , we do not even need to think about spreading joy and happiness,it becomes a natural flow.

Miracles do happen in our lives daily,all we need to do is notice them.

How can the whole world look such a beautiful place to live in , just cause my heart is smiling..

It isn't that tough a job to make oneself happy and making ourselves happy means we are making the world around us happier.

Such is the grandeur of love , joy ,happiness and bliss..It keeps multiplying...It keeps growing...

  "Smile and the world will smile with you :)" - Geetanjali Juneja

Best regards,


  1. This is an excellent piece of write-up by you,Dearest Geetu!What a great coincidence! I happen to practice just what you have written here.I see my own reflection in it.And you yourself are the very embodiment of what is put here.I could never have come across a more agreeable voice of the conscience.You speak my thoughts in my voice and tone.Arun

  2. Thanks a ton Sir !! Your words keep me going ! :)

  3. bazillion scintillation of positive rays coming out :)

    When we smile , world smiles with us. and when we cry same comes back.

    So keep smiling :)

    Nice work :)


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  4. Replies
    1. you are welcome...
      Aahhh I red this one more time :)

      IF words are so beautiful then not only world but universe will smile on your manifestation. Once again Great piece of work :)