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Monday, May 2, 2011

Smiling "FoReVeR"

Smiling Forever !!!
It's now I realised the heavy words " If you think you can , you can.If you think you can't,you can't"

I am going through this wonderful book by Rhonda Byrne " The Secret " which claims to change our lives.Life has all of a sudden become so easy..All I need to get anything in this Universe is "Think".
The Universe which works like a Genie for us.It says "Your wish is my Command".

So,when I hold on to negative thoughts , the universe conspires to bring all negative circumstances,negative incidents and events in my life.

All we need to do is Imagine ourselves enjoying the things we really desire in our lives !!! Be Grateful towards God for all that you have received than ever complaining about things you do not have.

Its a secret being carried forward since ages.All religious books and Great Legends have tried to explain us this phenomena.

It really works !!! I have tried it myself !!!

God have sent us all to do only what we want to do.There is no blackboard where he wrote "Geetanjali Juneja would be Blogging "It is me who thought and it became a Reality.

Its amazing to feel yourself like a Magnet which attracts what you think about the most...You can have anything in this world,All you need to do is Be what you want to be.Visualise ,Create pictures in your mind and the Universe would bring it back to you as you Future pictures.

If you can feel the Positivity in my words,Just go grasp a copy of "The Secrets "or "The monk who sold his Ferrari".

Feel yourself the Creator of you future...Just draw beautiful pictures in your life and see them as Reality.

Let Universe decide HOW ,all you got to do is Think..Think...and Think.....

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  1. I believe in every word you have written as a matter of conviction because I have tested your words and experienced the success it brought to me.I always wanted a closest and warmest writer friend that I found in you sharing extreme confidentiality and trust which is the rarest of the rare thing in life.And we just ran into each other without any hassles is the best part of it to remain together forever and ever.Arun

  2. Thanks a ton !! :)
    Value your words.