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Monday, June 28, 2010

Change is the Only Constant

'People change, and forget to tell.'

(This is not a cribbing post but an enlightened one, you may carry on reading!)

Change is the only constant. Weathers change, times change, situations change. Change is the law of nature. Normal is boring. Each one of us needs a change in the course of time. Then why are PEOPLE excepted to not change? They are a portion of this Universe which is meant to change.

The world is like that as they say. One fine day, you wake up and realize that people close to you have changed. They are not as they used to be. It hurts inside. Doesn't it? Is that because of the expectations you have out of them? Probably yes.
Everyday, we meet new people. Life goes on. Some people stay, some leave. Of those, we chose the people who should stay and who should leave. There are times, when people we want to stay, leave. Also, there are times, when people we wanted to leave, stay.
It a circle. its the same for others. Some people want us to stay and some want us to leave. We choose to leave some, we stay with others.
Before you tell someone that they have changed, for one second consider. Question yourself. Are you the same for them? Haven't you changed a bit?

Every one a justification for the change they have brought in themselves. But when it comes to others, it gets in-digestible. Why do we expect others to remain the same for us if we have changed ourselves to them?
Not fair.

When people change, they grow up. They outgrow somethings and develop other things.
You may be a part of their world and may not be. Just like, you leave people behind.
I am not perfect. I hurt people. People hurt me too. But I grow up. Everyone does grow up. This could hurt initially, but we become used to it eventually.

Let people change. It is always for good.

Smile and Move On.

Best regards,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Farah Khan Ali ( MY IDOL )

Farah Khan Ali.....the name itself speaks too much...
She is a sister, daughter, wife, friend, mother, lover and the endless list goes on...
Well professionally she is a Jewellery Designer and a Gemologist. She is been such an inspirational friend specially for me and for millions of people. She has very innovative ideas. She is Sussanne's ( Hrithik Roshan's wife ) sister.

It was on 12th December 2009 that I made my twitter account and I followed her firstly. I just normally send her a tweet that " How r u dear ? " and then I went to her profile and saw that she was replying to her friends, so i tweeted once again to her " Plz rpl to me too m wtng :) ". After sometime I got a Direct Message from her saying " Hello Darling..welcome to the world of tweeting n I shall reply u as many times as i can but sometime it gets hectic. " And let me tell you she has approx. 31,000 followers till now and she never lets her followers down, she replies to each and every person, if she is busy she will DM you.

I was pleased to get a DM frm her. From this day onwards we were in regular contact. On 18th Dec. it was my b'day and I cudn't believe that she wished me and even she told all her followers to wish me. This was my first great day. Then we were always in regular contact with each other.

It was April 2010. Farah was been chosen as " Wills Lifestyle Twitter Face ". Her addiction to twitter had so great effect. The Wills Lifestyle shows were to begin from 24th Apr. - 30th Apr.'2010. On 23rd she had to announce the passes for the shows and I was the luckiest one as I was the first one to get the pass for the show. I was really excited to meet her. Finally it was 24th Apr. and my excitement was too much that I can't describe it in words. I firstly met one of my friend Paavani there. Then at about 2.30pm, I finally met Farah outside the venue as there were some security problems on the first day. It was unbelievable for me to meet such a sweet, caring friend of mine. We met for about half an hour, talked on various issues and finally had to bid goodbye to each other and she hugged me( while she hugged me i was about to faint lol...it was such an warm hug and i enjoyed it :p ) and while bidding goodbye to each other she said " I LOVE U TOO MUCH..YOU ARE A DOLL..JUST MAKE YOUR PARENTS PROUD ALWAYS AND U WOULD BE LOVED BY EVERYONE ". THESE LINES ARE ALWAYS MY INSPIRATION.

                                    This was my first meeting with her :)

As there were some issues on the first day, no shows were held. So I was the most luckiest, as I had an chance to meet her again for the second time. On 25th she called me and told me that u are invited tomorrow too. I was in tears, was so happy that i would be meeting my friend again..finally on 26th at 3pm I met her and met my friends Rajni and Ashish there too. Uff !! was so luckiest and the way she deals with thousands of people is simply amazing..hv no words again. She loves each and every tweeple of hers too much. And most importantly she remembers every one of us by our names. I was just shocked to see how sharp and long lasting her memory was !! And finally on 3rd may she started following me..i was too lucky to get all your love n hugs too :p .

                                                 My second meeting with her :)

Met my friends @Aashish_27, Farah, Me and my good friend @rajnisingh125

At last i would just say to all  my lovely friends that she is simply SUPERB and have no words to describe her..she has no attitude and such a down to Earth person. Love u Farah and " U ARE MY IDOL ". I am blessed to have u in my life...thank u Farah so mch for all this :)

U can always follow her on http://twitter.com/FarahKhanAli

Her website http://www.farahkhan.net/

Her friends club http://twitter.com/farahkhanalifc

Some of u might say this article is too long but let me tell u this is nothing for Farah. And due to bad server am not able to upload the pics...but you can see in my display picture in my twitter account. I promise would upload my pics soon. Thanx for having patience and reading it. And lastly thanx my friend Rajesh from my twitterworld for giving such an innovative idea for writing about Farah.

Love U darling...hope to meet u soon :)