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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A day off with some colorful imagination !!

It's a Wednesday and a day off for me! I wanted to act all celebrity like and spend it the way they do. Grand breakfast, grander lunch, meet imaginary people, watch a couple of movies and spend the evening sitting by the balcony, giggling away to glory with my girlfriends before finally going to bed early.

My foot. I am no celebrity. I live in a city where Wednesdays are a pain. Because? I get holiday in the middle of the week and thursdays and fridays aren't half as awesome.

The only thing I could afford to do of all them above things was, to watch a decent movie.

I downloaded this movie thrice because it kept boowoo-ing me in the face. My internet felt raped, certainly, but it's very okay. I finally did manage to watch English Vinglish. And, I have nothing to say. I can only sit back and smile :) Watched it? No? Die. Yes? I like you.
My workplace is cool :] Colourful, ancient and talkative!

It's October. And I can feel myself getting all senti already about the year almost coming to an end. Mostly because the year has been a little too much to handle :'] but at the same time I'v met / come across the most awesome people, awesome things have happened to me, I'v spoken my mind out to myself about the bestest things ever, I'v watched the most amazing movies ever, and, my I feel lucky, mostly because my internet has been kind in allowing me to rape it every month by downloading so much. True story.

Simple uncomplicated life.

(Kindly ignore the fact that academically I have grown lazier over the year. That's only between you and me and nobody else.)

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  1. Simple uncomplicated life. Ah, what a luxury :)

    1. What small joys of life by dreaming into such luxurious world ;)