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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Does The Dream Come True

Standing in the middle of the mountain
up on me is falling snow
river of love is flowing
standing by my side, the women i know
when she holds me in her arms
the sun goes down and the night comes up high
she means so much to me..without her I cant survivie
When i open my eyes, I found myself all alone
scared of the dark and no one to hold

I have a question for you
does the dream come true
breathing in the air of love it feels so pure
see as far as you want to but will not see hate
tears of blood are not pouring, there is no need to cry
Because no longer fray anymore in which someone
dear can die

No need to close your eyes, no need to close your ears
Everything you don't want to see or hear has been
washed away in the past years
When i open my eyes, i found myself living living in the
world where hate and fray is above faith and love
I have a question for you
Do the dreams come true ?

This is my first poetry...do let me know how is it..
thanx :)
Regards to everyone !
Geetanjali Juneja


  1. Superb. Keep it up. Again mind blowing topic by you. Best wishes 2 u. :-D :-) @ud1430

  2. Wow for the first poem its amazing, deep and well expressed .Bless you my dear n stay happy always. Just loved it!

    Dreams that are pursued single minded because one wants them bad..are most definitely the ones that come true .

  3. Thanx so much di for ur lovely comments as usual...n thanx chirag too for inspiring me to write :)

  4. Impressive I must say considering it's your first attempt.. Keep writing dear, it's always fresh and feel good..

  5. hey ur article on various topic is superb..u really have a wonderful command over language n jst luvd ur writing n jst keep up ur gud work..dont look 4r appreciation,if ur work is gud u surely gonna b appreciated..jst plz delete tot DMs article bcoz it is not working..hope to c ur new work on new topic soon..

  6. Thank u for ur appreciation. U all motivate me to write more :)