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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Imagination Is Creativity

"Images of mind; create !
Thoughts unwind and relate.
Motivation is the soul of passion,
Hands frame and present in fashion.
Mind is logic and heart is emotion,
The combination of two,
make imagination aa good composition."

Albert Einstein said that 'Imagination is the greatest creative force in this universe.' Walt Disney was very clear that if he had not seen the Disneyland in his mind, the rest-of the world would not have seen it on this Earth. Only experiencing imagination, can lead to creativity. So adopt the ten Cs1 for a good creation.

Calibre - the capacity to create
Confidence - the trust in yourself
Competence - the effeciency
Clarity - the purity of expression
Creativity - giving shape to an expression
Conjugation - placing verbs to connect words
Communication - exchange information
Consonanace - perfection in sounds 
Composition - presentation of invented material

The youth has a fully developed faculty of imagination but as we grow older and get into competitive oriented thoughts, they lose their gift to a large extent. We should not lose the imagination and keep visualizing and enhance the creativity.

Let the above steps help them make the images come true. Try them and they work ..

This was my first post..hope you all would like it n do comment it so that can i get inspired and write further...thanx :)
Regards !
Geetanjali Juneja


  1. Vry well said. Love 2 read it. Keep it writing. Best wishes 2 u. @ud1430 twitter

  2. hi geet my treasure..ur blog was simple but attracive n most effective ..d topic imagination is creativity is superb n u have posted it in a wonderful n understandable manner...wot u mean to say is lets make every iamgination into creativity n tn initialize n convert it into reality ..very well said...luv d blog n ur DP as well..hope u keep focussing on gud topics so tot v can get a chance to inspire by ur article n u..
    i am already inspired by u n actually by millions.,.as u said keep smiling so tot v can b smiling by cing u...god bless u n ur article...
    hope u like my comment on ur blog..
    ur friend,

  3. True imagination is not moving the blocks of our reality from one spot to another, rather it is the pouring forth of an entirely new reality according to the wellspring of the dreams within our hearts.

    brilliant topic "Imagination Is Creativity" keep going !!!!

  4. awwwh :)) so true angel :) ya Imagination is creativity...u hav freedom to create ya own world creatively through ya imagination !!
    keep writin diz kinda of aspiring topiks....
    love u loadz of smile :))
    ya frnd Ryan !!

  5. Thanx u so much guys..its my pleasure that u all liked it :) hope i vl keep posting from time to time n thanx so much ... keep smiling !

  6. hey geet u alwyz rock!! love 2 read ur blog it wz good hope u keep writing.. m totally in love wid u ..lolzz ...n ya u lookin very cute in DP...god bless u

  7. Very good first post., pretty impressive I must say., Do keep writing.. :D

  8. “Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” Jamie Paolinetti

    True said ... as we grow older and as we learn the so called ways of the world, we start forgetting to do a lot of things . Imagination is just one of them. Well said, and a wonderful post to start with.Like the look of the blog too :)

    God bless n keep writing sweet angel, look forward to reading more of your thoughts .

  9. Loved your First Post Geetu. True! Imagination is one thing we hold dear to us but often forget that along with Imagination there has to be learning as well. As its said, He who has imagination without learning has wings but no feet. ~Joseph Joubert ..

    Keep writing and sharing your beautiful thoughts. God Bless ya!!! :)

  10. Thank u all so much for ur sweet wordings. Hope i keep writing to all ur expextations. Thanks everyone once again :)