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Monday, April 26, 2010

Live Life To The Fullest

Grow up with challenges
row the boat with practice
what you will get is
the life blossom.
None are the foes, none are the friends
but you are the one who is
either your foe or your friend.
Your goal should be alliteration
as to get the fascination
and the brazen world is your celebration.
Never play the haunting music of
as it'll lead to criticism
legacy is all yours, if you live,
the world with opticism

It's a short poem with so much of deep meaning....do read it and let me know the feedback !
Thank you ! :)
Geetanjali Juneja


  1. Hmmmm kch to baat he....really if u read, u'l surely get impressd. i am the 1 either ur foe or ur frn who write the 1st comnt

  2. awwh :)) simply stupendous !! love the way u express ya feelings..it really evince n enhance ya immaculate soul towards writing !! keep it up :)) yaaay :))

  3. Oh..this is my tagline for life. wow

  4. Awww glad u all liked it :) thanx so mch !

  5. WOW VERY NICEY story Geetanjali jee