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Monday, March 3, 2014

For us, from them.

Latrines. Toilet.Basic sanitation. Or As we like to call it, in the civilized way “Washroom”. A basic amenity of life awarded to all in this modern world. Or so I had thought.  For it does not take a lot to make one. A small enclosure, some basic plumbing and voila, a basic latrine is ready. No longer will the women of your household have to defecate in the open at the price of public shame and insecurity. No longer will they be and other members of the house be exposed to diseases due to the unsanitary conditions.NO longer will anybody have to make long arduous treks into the wild.  Seems just the right thing to do? Right?

Yes it does. But what do you do when the money you earn is barely sufficient to feed you .What do you do when the choice is between necessities like food-clothing and a basic amenity like sanitation. In these conditions sanitation becomes a luxury. And it is this story that I have brought to you. Story of Manimegalai, Amirdham, Amudha, Chellam, and Alamelu. 5 women who have taken it upon themselves to bring water supply and sanitation closer to their home.

A brief introduction from the milaap webpage “Manimegalai, Amirdham, Amudha, Chellam, and Alamelu live in the rural area of Musiri in the Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu. They are agricultural laborers who work hard to supplement the incomes their husbands bring in, and to provide a decent future for their children. The area they live in has a water supply located about 1000 meters from their homes, and the closest public latrine is 500 meters away. As a result, clean and fresh water is scarce, and they have to depend on the surrounding shrubbery or the darkness at night for privacy to relieve themselves in unhygienic conditions. Consequently, they are subject to illnesses multiple times a year, and the monthly medical bills eat into their meager savings. They seek a loan of Rs.30,000, payable over 18 months, to build a toilet for Manimegalai’s family, and to install water connections for the rest of the group’s homes. This loan will allow their families access to the dignity and basic necessity of sanitation and water in their homes.”

I have taken up this project not only because I believe basic sanitation is a basic amenity everybody should be provided. But also because, I believe we could complete this project that isRaise enough fund for these women to have a toilet that would give them respect, security, and  health. A lot of things from simple toilet.
How can it happen? The reach of my blog is 1000 odd people. Over 200 of them women. If we can donate 500 each, We will complete this loan. We will help make a tangible difference in the lives of these women. I am making it personal, I am making it about what YOU can do. You, right there, reading this blog. It would be just a missed dinner outing to you, but would mean the world to these women. For women everywhere, from us for them.

To donate go on to this page : http://milaap.org/fund/manimegalai-and-group/1997?&referrer_id=9350
Donate.Share. Like MIlaap. Do the best you can and then a little more.

From us, for them.


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